Sony Sports Walkman

NEW PROJECTS - The source of new inspiration to work on, new and in progress work, this time lets go back in time, enjoy the music.

Half-moon bay - Antigua - Caribbean

SEASCAPES - A category I felt in love a long time a go, I have been photographing the ocean since I was a kid back in Brazil.

Yosemite National Park

LANDSCAPES - From desert to amazing National Parks and the green lands in Brazil.


LIGHT-PAINTING - This category shows the amazing painterly look this technique can produce.


SPIRITUS ARBORETUM - This artistic series was lite with LED flash-lights and all the BGs hand painted.

Downtown L.A.

DOWNTOWN - Los Angeles under the lights of the sunrise.

The Wedge Wave

CALIFORNIA WAVES - Crashing waves and Surf a great combinations for some creative slow shutter and action the wave movements and the surfer skills are detailed in this series.

DISNEY HALL - Los Angeles

BLACK & WHITE - The starting point for any photographer, the understanding what photography, light and forms comes all from this category.

Bird of Paradise

ABSTRACTS - Oil paintings and a amazing Japanese technique called - SUMINAGASHI - Used on paper marbling for centuries and here converted to abstracts and then photographed.