After several years photographing landscapes, seascapes, and wildlife I decided to get out of my comfort zone and try light-painting. Being so inspired by the natural world I decided to pay my dues to Mother Nature and chose trees as my subject.

My intent is to celebrate the existence and importance of trees in our lives and promote their beauty to ourselves and to our Mother Earth. We must be aware of the damage we do with the rapid destruction of trees as compared to the years it takes nature to develop them.

I knew I couldn’t bring every tree I see into the studio, so I then decided to make my own trees. While running in the park on the weekends a small leaf and tree-bark inspired me to create the images you are about to see. I strive to make each image unique and to convey its message of beauty, solitude and mysticism.
The name “Spiritus Arboretum” to me means to pay homage to the trees we cut-down. From a natural perspective the trees, house, protect, and nurture us all. The destruction of each and every tree means that the natural balance has been put in jeopardy.

I hope you enjoy and appreciate my "Spiritus Arboretum" a place to celebrate and appreciate one of nature’s most important creations.

As to the technical aspects of this project, all of these images were created in the studio. Each installation was fully assembled and made of real and natural objects. The lighting is light-painted using a single flashlight coupled with long exposures, I personally hand painted and stained my portrait backdrops.

All the photographs are protected under domestic and international copyright laws. images may not be used without written permission. copyright Titano Cruz © 2015